Shell type (for ships & land)

The bucket has a double shell mechanism with which the edges on both sides close to grab the cargo.
This type of grab bucket is perfect for granular bulk cargo such as coal, fertilizer and ore.
Further improvement of cargo handling efficiency can be accomplished by adding claws to improve the grip, rubber edges to prevent spillage or stainless steel linings to prevent sticking.

Chip handling Sand handling Kaolin handling
Chip handling Sand handling Kaolin handling

Suitable for the following types of cargo

Coal, coke, limestone, sand, gravel, grain, unrefined sugar, raw salt, nickel ore, iron ore (granular)
Copper ore, soda ash, kaolin, wood chips


  • High degree of sealing
    Shell-types have a double shell mechanism which enables a higher degree of sealing than the orange peel type, which makes it perfect for lighter bulk densities (apparent specific gravity) and finer cargo.

  • Easy volume adjustment
    An optional volume adjustment panel is available for relatively easy changes in grab bucket volume.

  • Lightweight but able to grab a lot
    In particular, grab buckets for ships need to be lighter.
    With our technology created from a long manufacturing history and experience in grab buckets for ships, we have succeeded in building a lighter grab bucket with larger capacity.

  • High durability
    Highly durable mechanism which prevents fatal failures caused by operating shocks.
  • Dust
    Rubber is installed on the edges of the grab bucket to decrease fine particle scatter from the cargo.

  • Viscous cargo
    The shells are lined with stainless steel to make handling of high viscosity cargo easier.