Grab bucket

Engine powered grab buckets 


  • Built-in engine

    A diesel engine-driven hydraulic device operates cylinder open/close.
  • Mighty grabbing power using hydraulics

    Grabbing action by extending the cylinder ensures mighty, reliable grabbing of cargo.
  • Adjusts open/close speed appropriate to the load.

    Smaller grab loads are grabbed quicker and bigger grab loads are grabbed with more force. Note that some models do not have adjustable speed functions.
  • Closing in mid-air, quick operating speed

    A built-in driving source (electric motor) enables the operator to open or close the bucket at will. Convenient for grabbing just a little, opening up just a little or loosening up cargo.
  • Low hanging height

    Compared to a radio-controlled hydraulic cylinder, the absence of open/close wires allows a lower hanging range. In addition, the horizontal mounting of the cylinder realizes a low hanging height, enabling usage in environments with less hanging space.
  • Easy setup

    The grab bucket can be attached directly onto a crane hook for loading/unloading.
  • Radio remote control

    Radio remote control enables operation from a safe distance without having to be present inside the work radius.
  • A wide range of choices

    A wide range of choices are available, for all types of cargo, such as coal, ore, scrap and lumber.


Easy to use since the engine is the driving source so no auxiliary equipment is necessary, and only requires fueling once or twice per day. Easy to attach/detach to any crane, and has a lower hanging range not affected by cargo handling conditions, ensuring reliable cargo grabbing.
Suitable for port cargo handling use where cranes are used for a variety of purposes.