The History of Our Company
(Founded in 1963 ~ Our "3rd Founding" ~ 50th Anniversary ~)

A 50 Year History as a One-of-a-Kind Company
(the only specialty manufacturer in the world)

"Grabbing" the needs, de facto standardization with proprietary know-how


Our company began in 1963 as a crane (with bucket) and grab bucket manufacturer.
Since then, through long-term continuation of classification by conditions such as features, usage requirements and detailed specification of the materials being grabbed, we have succeeded in finding opportunities in a niche where research, aggregate analysis and know-how substantiation are difficult, and via management efficiency and productivity efficiency rotation we continue to pursue accumulation of deeper proprietary technology know-how through grabbing with grab buckets rather than cranes, cultivating experience-based engineering to the present day.

Focusing on new research and development and accumulation and pursuit of technology, in addition to our land division, in 1965 we expanded into applications onboard ships and with a long list of achievements have become not only the domestic grab bucket specialist but also the only grab bucket specialist in the world and will continue to vigorously evolve through research, development and demonstration tests.

Build-to-order (BTO) Manufacturing → Standardization → Build-to-stock (O.N.P.) → Creation of new added-value

Continuous research and development to handle customer needs at any given time led to the development in 1991 of new products that utilize proprietary know-how. Seizing this opportunity, we focused on shifting from build-to-order manufacturing to restructuring new management resources, wherein we targeted 1998 as the year of our "2nd Founding", and in 2004 began focusing our efforts on standardization and communization of parts for build-to-stock (O.N.P.), and established competitive pricing and immediate delivery systems.
(O.N.P. = Organization for New Production System)

Increased production bases, installed cargo verification test pits and established quality control systems

From 2007 to 2008, we added our Urayasu (Chiba Prefecture) and Sasebo plants (Nagasaki Prefecture) to increase efficiency through two production bases, one in east Japan and the other in west Japan, and concurrently added a new test pit (10m×11m×5m) with a high-speed inverter-controlled 40T overhead crane to handle large cranes in our Urayasu plant.
This enabled us to conduct demonstration tests using the supposed actual cargo demonstration overload in a shorter time period than the actual operation speed in our own facilities.

Improving our after‐sales service network system

In addition to the Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore, India and China, we are planning to further improve our global after-sales service network to provide speedy after-sales service to our clients around the world.

50th Anniversary - Further evolution through restructuring management resources

We are focusing our efforts on restructuring management resources to handle increasingly diversified needs and improving added value and contributions to society.